At a very young age the students have to choose their subjects or stream. Choosing subjects is comparatively easy , you just have to choose the subjects which pleases  you but choosing streams is tough.

In India, as we are all aware that we are given 3 stream choices in 11th grade i.e. science, commerce and humanities. These are some points you should keep in mind when you choose your stream-

  1. NEVER COME UNDER ANY SORT OF PRESSURE either it be pressure from parents, peers or society.
  2. You should analyse you strengths, weaknesses and interests. Some people may be aware about the CCE pattern in 10th grade, students now have more time which can be utilised to surf the net for career options and upcoming industries.
  3. You can ask for advice from your elders.
  4. TALK to people of different professions. During this process you get to know about their experiences and what would be asked from you.
  5. Consult a career councillor if you just don’t know what to do.

After you have decided in which field you want to go into, choose the subject accordingly.

Make sure you make a decision you would regret in future, just telling from my personal experience.



About Amisha Verma

I am not an amazing blogger, I just write about the things I strongly feel about. I want to write for the betterment of people, for humanity and moreover for myself. Writing for me is not just a pastime, for me its my passion. It makes me happy. Each view, each like, each share and each follower means more than the world to me. I am young, and I know that someday I shall make it big! I want you to know I love each one of you who take their time out to read my blog! You can tweet me at @WriteAmisha :) Hope to listen from you!

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