A female according to me should not date a man who is older to her and by older I don’t mean 2 or 3 years I mean an age gap of more than 5 years. Friendship is really important for a relationship, and you just can’t be a ‘FRIEND’ with someone who is older to you e.g. you are 25 so you just can’t be friends with a man of the age of 35. The maturity levels are different, he would always take you lightly.
It won’t be a relationship of equals as he would be dominating. The mind set changes, both of you would think differently, see the world differently and this would make understanding one another difficult, which is an essential part of any healthy relationship. This can also lead to conflicts, arguments and maybe even abuse which is not a good sign. He would always think that your behaviour is childish. He might not even ask for your advice while making decisions.
Hence my friends I advice you not to date a man older to you.



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  1. I’ve only date one guy 9 years older than me and I did always have the feeling that he didn’t take me all that seriously and was always giving me advice– even though I’m 29 with my own household and two children. I may have to agree with you on this post!


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