NEVER EVER CHANGE YOURSELF for the man/lady of your dreams. If you have to change yourself then its showing your love for them but why do they want you to change, can’t they accept and love you the way you are. If that person wants you to change he/she is merely attracted to you and doesn’t love you.  Some people have to change their food habits for the person they love! I don’t understand why, that’s a part of your upbringing! Why does that person expect you to change? Think over it. He/she loved you then why is he/she complaining about the way you live, its your life. Here, I am talking about the changes in food habit, dressing sense, culture, etc. but in some cases you must change. If your an alcoholic and the other person wants you to change you should. If your a flirt and now your in a serious relationship, you better change. If you don’t exercise at all and sitting around like a couch potato and getting fat, you better change. So well yeah if the change leads to your betterment you should change but if it they want you to change for a senseless reason then DON’T!!



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