If you fight with your partner its extremely normal, each and every couple on this planet fights , if you don’t then its abnormal because you fight only when you love that person and have sense of ownership towards that person. But it depends what type of fight it is. If you guys are physically abusing each other it is time to move out as it is completely unacceptable. Childish fights indicate that your in a very healthy and sweet relationship and you guys understand each other. The most common one is the verbal fight in which you guys are shouting and screaming. In this you aren’t able to decide whether to stay or leave. After the fight has calmed down sit down and talk about what and why were you fighting, was is it even necessary. According to me this is totally a good relationship but due to some misunderstanding you were fighting which can be solved if both of you want to, its not always a major thing. If you want it to work it will. You don’t know what your partner has been through the whole day, maybe it was just work stress or maybe he/she had a fight with someone else due to which they are not in a good mood.  One more thing, here I am  talking about when you are fighting like once or twice in a month but if you are fighting everyday just move out even if its not physical. So yeah that’s about it.



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