Friendship is very important in any relationship. What does friendship mean? Well everyone has different perspectives. According to me friendship means to know the person in and out thoroughly, to understand the person and to just know what the person is feeling at any particular time, its just a very comfortable space, which are all very important components of a relationship. Its easier to share stuff to your friend, it makes the communication easy. Once your in that comfortable space you don’t have to be self conscience and feel free to wear or do whatever you want to. You start giving each other space and get to explore the other side of them as so far you only knew the lover part of them.  To know all the likes and dislikes of that person is not important nor remembering all details is but just understanding them is. Be a friend to your partner and see how the relationship flourishes.



About Amisha Verma

I am not an amazing blogger, I just write about the things I strongly feel about. I want to write for the betterment of people, for humanity and moreover for myself. Writing for me is not just a pastime, for me its my passion. It makes me happy. Each view, each like, each share and each follower means more than the world to me. I am young, and I know that someday I shall make it big! I want you to know I love each one of you who take their time out to read my blog! You can tweet me at @WriteAmisha :) Hope to listen from you!

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