I just came back from a big fat Indian wedding. So I came up with 5 reasons why you should attend an Indian wedding once in your life time. So here they are-

  1. An Indian wedding is very colourful. From the dresses to the decorations, everything. The bride wears a red or green lehenga (an Indian outfit) being the showstopper of the day. Every colour you can imagine of can be seen. So basically its a very colourful occasion.
  2. The FOOD!! Every Indian would agree with me on this point. One should attend an indian wedding just for the food. There is so much of variety, one is just not able to decide what to eat and what not to.
  3. There are many functions in an Indian wedding. There are about 6-7 different functions like engagement, teelak, etc.. So yeah it is very traditional and entertaining. One should attend all of the functions to get the Indian essence of it.
  4.  To get an idea for your own wedding, if you want a wedding of such type. Many Hollywood celebrities have tied the knot in a grand Indian wedding!
  5. Moreover its a one of a kind experience!



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