2014 is here!

Last year for everyone was full of happiness and sadness, some lost closed ones and the others greeted new members in the family. An year is a long time, we fight, we cry, we celebrate, we make bonds, we meet new people, etc. and then that year ends and another year comes bringing new hopes, new aspirations, etc. People make resolutions, some follow, some break them. People think of it as a new beginning and give a deep thought on what they have done and what they will do, they promise to change for good and promise to make a change. It basically gives a new hope and motivation to people who are sad and a new aim.

For me it is basically a hope to survive a hope that everything would be the way it was. 2013 has been a very weird year for me. The first half was really good while the second half was not that good. I CHANGED, I started hating myself, while I  used to love me. I don’t know how this happened but I am still fighting to love me again. I became depressed. I couldn’t even expect anyone to understand me because I couldn’t understand myself, I still don’t. I don’t know what I want! Hence, it was a very depressing stage for me. NEW YEAR has given me hope that yes this year would be different.

For everyone who is struggling with depression I would just say that this year would be different and a much happier one.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.”
―     T.S. Eliot,     Four Quartets




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  1. My resolution this year is to avoid plastic usage in daily life and to be more eco friendly. But I realized it is hard and I am failing to keep my resolution : )


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