1 YEAR!!


Today I complete my first year on wordpress, writing, reading, and learning. Understanding that everyone is unique in their own ways, everyone has a different way to express themselves. WordPress is like a huge family, and there is so much to learn from everyone.

I want to thank everyone who spent their precious time reading what I wrote, commenting, liking and sharing them and moreover follow the blog. It encourages me more than anything! I love each and every one of you!

I also want to thank wordpress for creating such a user-friendly platform.

This blog really means a lot to me!

Thank You ❤


About Amisha Verma

I am not an amazing blogger, I just write about the things I strongly feel about. I want to write for the betterment of people, for humanity and moreover for myself. Writing for me is not just a pastime, for me its my passion. It makes me happy. Each view, each like, each share and each follower means more than the world to me. I am young, and I know that someday I shall make it big! I want you to know I love each one of you who take their time out to read my blog! You can tweet me at @WriteAmisha :) Hope to listen from you!

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