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Dear Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,

I was devastated on hearing the news of your death, it was so unexpected but then I realized you are not dead,you shall never be because you live in our hearts.

Your thoughts, your deeds, your works, your contributions will never be forgotten, they make you eternal.

You inspired so many, you have no clue.

You were and always will be one of the most loved President of India.

Your books changed so many lives and gave hope too.

Even in your death you taught us to live till the very end, and die doing what we love the most. You taught us that life is mortal but deeds are not.

You the MISSILE MAN gave so much to the country, to the world but most importantly to humanity.

You were a man, a man with hopes, a man with dreams,  a man who had seen everything in life. You saw everyone equally, no big no small. You were a great great leader and an amazing writer. But apart from that an amazing human being.

You taught us that only hard work pays off, you taught us to stay grounded, but most importantly about life.

Sir, all we want to tell you is that we love you and always will and to thank you for your service to the country and now its our turn to follow your footsteps and fulfill our responsibility towards the country.

Yours Affectionately,

Amisha Verma.


“Let not thy winged days be spent in vain. When once gone no gold can buy them back again.”
― A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.




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I want to be a mother….and I am just 17.


I want to be a mother….and I am just 17.
No I am not out of my mind, nor am I planning to have a baby yet, but in future. Maybe when I am 27 or something.
But the point here is that IT IS my dream.
I mean whenever a person asks me what you want to be when you grow up, I simply answer “I want to be a mother”.
Tell me what is bad in that and why do people judge?
They never asked me what career I want to pursue, just what I want to be.  And no I ain’t nuts, not at all.
Its just that pregnancy and motherhood fascinate me.

Oh and before I talk about the fascination ahead, tell me why do people just assume I am saying “I want to have sex” whenever I say “I want to be a mother“. Seriously?
People have sex because they want to have sex, not always to have kids. Get over it. Mature!

So where was I? Yeah. Fascination for pregnancy and motherhood. I mean what is there to not be fascinated about.
You have a human developing inside you. Your body has two hearts. Whatever you eat or drink is being shared with a little human, even if you don’t want to share that scoop of chocolate ice cream. You just don’t have an option to not share it. Its so funny. (am i the only one that finds it funny? Okay :/ ). Your breathing for 2 bodies. Your somehow connected to it. A thing growing inside you which would eventually be telling you it loves you mom with its gestures, after a couple of years it would say “your  the best mom ever”. You may not be the best daughter, not the best wife, but for that child, that baby you had inside you for 9 months, your the best mom, the most beautiful person,their first love. All the labour you have gone through is forgotten the day the child calls you MOM for the very first time.
You might have fights when the child grows up, but both of you know how much love you have for each other.
The smile on the childs face when you would say “yum” when they try their hands on cooking for the first time, even if its really bad would be equal to the smile you would have on your face the first time they walk.
Being a mother is difficult I  know but nothing else is equally rewarding.
Being a mother makes a woman stronger than ever. You can hold your baby in your hands the whole day and still be on your feet. To all the weightlifters, can you?
Being a mother makes you glow. The same glow your mother had when you were inside.
If you are a mother be proud.
People who say love at first sight exists claiming that a mother falls in love the first time she sees the infant’s face are obviously not aware of the connection, the bond, the love that started when the human was inside her, just a single cell. They don’t know you loved it even before you saw its face.
I want to say hats off to the females who have adopted children. You are strong. You may not have created that human from a single cell, but you surely will make a good human being. I trust you.
I am happy and proud to be a female.
I know half of the males reading this wouldn’t understand my fascination towards motherhood and pregnancy but all the mothers out there would.
People out there think of me as naïve, maybe I am, but I understand that being a mother is a full time duty which people who think being a mother is a joke wouldn’t understand.

Thank You ❤




Self acceptance.
I throughout my life have been struggling with self hatred.
Any over weight person out there will understand what I am saying. Being fat doesn’t just make you unhealthy but leaves you hating yourself more and more everyday. You start isolating yourself.
I was an overweight child and at that age the children around you aren’t old enough to understand what it feels like when they shout out fatso on top of their voice. You cry and cry in a corner. But you say you are strong and fake a smile and make it seem like everything is alright but your heart knows its not. When your mom asks you is everything alright and you breakdown. You don’t want to go to school. You don’t want to go shopping. You cry in the trial rooms because you are a child but have to wear adult clothes. You shy away from wearing shorts. You shy away from talking to people, making friends because you think all they will see is the fat and not the real you.
But wait. You lost yourself in the journey itself. You now hate yourself. The thoughts inside you don’t reflect the other person’s thought about you but your own! You lost your confidence, your carefree nature, your love for yourself!
All you see you see yourself as is a fat ball.

Now you have to find yourself! Accept who you are and appreciate that.

I had lost myself in the rush of life.
I didn’t have very many friends. I didn’t have a person I could cry my heart out to. I was fat!
I thought me being fat was the reason everyone left me. But I was wrong! The only reason people left me was that I hated myself. All I did was rant!
I hated everyone around me because I hated myself!

But then I had enough of it.
I was no more gonna cry myself to sleep.
I was no more gonna cry for the guy who doesn’t even care.
I was no more gonna cry sor the guy in class that made me feel bad about me.
I was no more gonna cry for the friends that betrayed.
I was no more gonna cry for ths girls who bitched about my weight.
I was no more gonna hate me!!

I just did 2 things which actually boasted my confidence, my love for myself.
(P.S they are weird but you have to try this if you are struggling with self acceptance)

  1. Stand stark naked in front of the mirror. Stare.
    The first few weeks you might not like what you see. you would hate yourself but still do it everyday. You reach a point when you actually start appreciating yourself. You start loving your curves, the flaws, the way your body is crafted. Each flaw, each curve, each mark is a part of you, appreciate it and love yourself. Love the way you are, because if you don’t love the body you are in, you wouldn’t be able to craft it the way you want. may it be gaining muscle or losing weight.
  2. Dance and sing like no ones watching.
    I actually mean it!
    Lock yourself in a room, turn the music on and start rolling!
    I like it when the lights are turned off, in the dark.
    Dance to any song, just any! Sing on top of your lungs!
    It is a party with your body, soul and mind. They are connecting to one another. Admiring each other and falling in love.
    Just sway away!!

You are unique, there is no one out there like you. You are you!
Love yourself!

I do! I love myself, though I always would have a regret of not falling in love with myself before. I mean hating yourself is such a painful feeling while loving yourself is the best feeling ever. I regret the time wasted in self hatred.

If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love any one.
You have to accept yourself before wanting to be accepted.

Thank You 🙂



I wrote this rhyme for my sister’s play school for the junior science fair. It is an attempt to make children understand the importance of electricity and how it has made our lives easy and that we should save it or else our coming generations would crave for it. I hope you enjoy it with your little ones!

Benjamin Franklin has done a great deed,

He discovered electricity!

Without electricity our lives would be so dull!

Dull Dull Dull!

Our lives would be so dull.

How could we have turned on the lights?

Dark Dark Dark!

At night, our lives would be so dark!

How could we get cool air of the fans?

Sweat Sweat Sweat!

We would be wet in our sweat!

How would we have cleaned our laundry everyday?

Wash Wash Wash!

We would have to wash without the wash-ing machine!

How would we call our friends?

Tring Tring Tring!

There would be no phones to ring!

Where would we store our ice-cream?

Dream Dream Dream!

We all would dream of ice-cream!

How would our lives be easy?

Easy Easy easy!

We all would be so busy!

Therefore, save electricity as I say!

Save Save Save!

Or else the future would crave!


Thank You



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How porn affects the brain?


Thank you!


One of the most beautiful video I have seen so far… ❤



The video says it all… LOVE YOUR BODY!!



I am a fat person, all my life I have been teased about it, now its a part of life and I am used to it. Though I never understood why. Aren’t we a part of society too? Why are we neglected? Small children just come to you and call you “fatty” and run off. I used to love children but now I shy away from them. Making friends, for us is a task, its never easy. All our lives we are called names, so how can you expect us to have the guts to even go to a random strange and say “hi”. Our best friend in middle school is either reading or playing pc games, etc. because no one would talk to us. In high school and college we see people in relationships, dating each other and we are just siting there thinking ‘I wish that was me!’. Guys we have feelings too!! Slim people talking to each other, walking around is normal but if a fat person talking to a person of the opposite gender, everyone loses their minds. Now they will irritate you by saying “hey are you guys dating?” even if they know we aren’t. We are the first ones to be friend zoned or brother/sister zoned! Why? I think people just see us like animals and not human beings. If you open youtube and just write fat people, the suggestions you would see is ‘fat people dancing’, ‘fat people funny’, ‘fat people falling’ , etc. I mean it is just pathetic! Are we some source of entertainment for the so called slim and cool people? If we start getting close to a person of the opposite sex they start maintaining a distance even if all we want is friendship!


We may seem like a sport if you tease us but you don’t know that it ruins our whole week or even a whole month. It depresses us a lot. For you it may be fun but just imagine what we have to go through!




This video is a pun on the mind set of the people who say it was the victims fault if she gets raped. Its NEVER her fault!! A girl has the rights to wear whatever she want, she has the right to go wherever she wants at whatever time but a MAN CERTAINLY DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEXUALLY HARASS HER, she is living her life, she is a human too!!