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“ALL YOU NEED IN LIFE IS LOVE” and I stand by it!

I have heard many people say that ‘no, love is not what you need, love doesn’t help you survive, it doesn’t pay your bills, etc.’

Do you agree? Atleast I don’t.

Love, helps you stay sane in times of crisis because you know there is someone you can pour your heart to, someone is there to hug you and tell you that every storm ends with a bright day. Love makes you strong, it encourages you to follow your dreams, it stands by you on the bumpy roads of achieving your dreams.

Love doesn’t pay your bills but it makes you realise your worth and what you are made of, which pushes you forward, nearer to success. It makes you feel complete!

It may be wife-love, husband-love, boyfriend-love, girlfriend-love, friend-love, mother-love, child-love, father-love, any-love! JUST UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! 

They may not understand what you are going through, why you are doing a certain thing, but they will always be there to support you and guide you!

Love is not materialistic, you can not compare it to mere things like paying bills, it is felt with all 5 senses!

Thank You! ❤



“Seeing longtime couples break up reminds me of what is so often forgotten…that love, relationship love, is an ultra-marathon, not a sprint, and far too many lack the stamina and dedication to keep running together…maybe it means it wasn’t true love, or maybe it just means it’s easier to quit than to keep going, I don’t know, but since I am single I am thinking this is a good place to stay for awhile and if I ever do sign up for another marathon I hope I will be able to see that stamina and dedication in my partner before we begin to run together so that we don’t end up running away from each other.”
― Christian Pilosi



According to me you can be anything for the person you love.  If I love someone I would be a sister to him if he wants, go away from him if he wants, be his best friend, anything if thats what he wants and if thats what makes him happy.  Your happiness doesn’t matter then. Its second priority.  Thats why people say love only happens once. You can give so much selflessly to just one love interest in a lifetime. If you don’t get him and are in a relashionship or married to someone else you are a bit greedy a bit selffish. You WANT the love  now you WANT the attention.  If I don’t get that person, because you can’t force anyone to fall for you, I would cherish the time we had spent together, be happy that he is happy. At least in future I can say i loved this person truly and purely without any demands.  The point is that to me love is  soul not life as other people say.  For me he is my soul, once the soul is lost my body shall live, my heart shall beat but my soul shall die.

Everyone has different point of views on love and everyone is correct.



“Words can be twisted into any shape. Promises can be made to lull the heart and seduce the soul. In the final analysis, words mean nothing. They are labels we give things in an effort to wrap our puny little brains around their underlying natures, when ninety-nine percent of the time the totality of the reality is an entirely different beast. The wisest man is the silent one. Examine his actions. Judge him by them.”
― Karen Marie Moning



Well I haven’t actually ever written about a book, I mean a book review or anything, so well this is my first time, and to be frank this is not a book review. I was not into reading romantic novels at all. I was more into sci-fi mystery sort of stuff.  Actually THE NOTEBOOK was my first romantic novel. This book somehow changed the way I think, the way I feel, the way I look at things, everything. It was sort of a life changing book for me. Everyone has that life changing phase, may it be due to an experience, a person, a movie, or maybe a book, like it was for me. The reason I bought this book was its cover, and the fact that girls of my class were gushing about Nicholas Sparks. Before you judge me saying that I judge a book by its cover, I DON’T! I did in this case because it was my first time buying a romantic novel.  So yeah as I was saying I bought this book, came home, got comfortable on my beanbag and the once in a lifetime journey began. Yes, it was like A ONCE IN A LIFETIME JOURNEY FOR ME, though now I have read it like 10-11 times but I still remember the way I felt when I read it for the first time. I read MIRACLES (people who have read it would know that it is the 1st page) and started admiring Nicholas Spark’s way of writing, the way he has described THE OLD MAN and the surroundings, the way he has conveyed how many years have gone by, everything. By the time I was at page number 7 i.e. GHOSTS, it was just me and the book. I remember having not eaten anything for 29-31 hours (I don’t exactly remember but it was like more than 1 and a half day or more than that). You could actually feel what Noah’s thoughts, Allie’s dilemma, her fiancé’s jealousy or even the mother’s  possessiveness for her daughter. You can not say who was right or who was wrong as everyone was right in their own way, everyone’s feeling were justified. I am a very pessimist sort of person, always looking at the darker side of life, this book taught me TO BELIEVE that everything can be right if you truly want it to be. I did not believe in true love or anything of such sort but this book taught me that love exists. It taught me that if you truly love someone let them go and if it is meant to be you will spend rest of your lives together. It taught me that you don’t have to be together to love each other, you can be at far off places and still be together, you don’t have to be near each other to love. It taught me to keep loving even if I might not get any in return. It taught me to keep trying even if I fail. The main thing it taught me is was YOU ONLY LOVE ONCE! Any relationship before or after that specific relationship is attraction, liking, lust, or maybe somewhat close to love, but never love! If you love someone truly, your life from now is not your own, its theirs’. LOVE IS SELFLESS and if you think you love someone but your life is more important to you than theirs’, then you don’t love that person truly, its just a feeling close to it but not love. The second most important thing it taught me was FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

“Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can’t control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. That’s what it was like for me. I didn’t plan on falling in love with you, and I doubt if oyu planned on fallin gin love with me. But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me, love like that has happened only once, and that’s why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I’ll never forget a single moment of it.” ―     Nicholas Sparks,     The Notebook

THE NOTEBOOK according to me is a must read to understand what love is! THANK YOU and keep loving! ❤


“I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours. ”
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook



I did a 5 reasons its good to be single I guess 2-3 days back so I thought lets do a 5 reasons why its good to be in a relationship. So here they are-

  1. You have someone to support you. I know this is a bit selfish point but you constantly need someone to hug you and just say that everything is alright.
  2. You have someone to nag all the time. Your childhood stays alive if you keep nagging a person 😛 . Not too much though, it may lead to a breakup but yeah its fun. (No wonder I am single!)
  3. You have someone to spend your free time and weekend with if you don’t live in the same city as your family.
  4. You have someone to get ready for! Your not aimless or clueless to what to wear. You know you have to look good for her/him.

“Know that love is truly timeless.”
―     Mary M. Ricksen

After writing this I feel bad (again) of being single 😦 .




This video was made by a really sweet friend of mine for his girlfriend who was really very angry with him. They have been in a relationship for more than 2 years, which is a really long time.
Well I actually want to say is that this is a really good way to propose or make you girl smile if she is angry or maybe even surprise her on her birthday maybe. Not only for the guys, girls can also do it for their man (guys like computer savvy girls 😉 ). Why only for your partner, it would be amazing to surprise your father or mother on their birthday on father/mother’s day and maybe even for a close friend of yours!



I am a fat person, all my life I have been teased about it, now its a part of life and I am used to it. Though I never understood why. Aren’t we a part of society too? Why are we neglected? Small children just come to you and call you “fatty” and run off. I used to love children but now I shy away from them. Making friends, for us is a task, its never easy. All our lives we are called names, so how can you expect us to have the guts to even go to a random strange and say “hi”. Our best friend in middle school is either reading or playing pc games, etc. because no one would talk to us. In high school and college we see people in relationships, dating each other and we are just siting there thinking ‘I wish that was me!’. Guys we have feelings too!! Slim people talking to each other, walking around is normal but if a fat person talking to a person of the opposite gender, everyone loses their minds. Now they will irritate you by saying “hey are you guys dating?” even if they know we aren’t. We are the first ones to be friend zoned or brother/sister zoned! Why? I think people just see us like animals and not human beings. If you open youtube and just write fat people, the suggestions you would see is ‘fat people dancing’, ‘fat people funny’, ‘fat people falling’ , etc. I mean it is just pathetic! Are we some source of entertainment for the so called slim and cool people? If we start getting close to a person of the opposite sex they start maintaining a distance even if all we want is friendship!


We may seem like a sport if you tease us but you don’t know that it ruins our whole week or even a whole month. It depresses us a lot. For you it may be fun but just imagine what we have to go through!




I have done a ‘HOW TO KNOW YOUR FRIENDZONED FOR GIRLS’ previously so I thought lets do a ‘HOW TO KNOW YOUR FRIENDZONED FOR BOYS’. So here are 5 ways to tell if your friendzoned –

  1. If she calls you a brother, a close friend or bestfriend, then my friend your friendzoned.
  2. If she doesn’t flirt with you and doesn’t reciprocate when your trying to flirt, then my friend your friendzoned.
  3. If she tells you about her relationship problems or tells you about what she truly feels about  guy, like she is talking to one of her girl friends, then my friend your friendzoned.
  4. If she doesn’t make any efforts to impress you and doesn’t dress for you,then my friend your friendzoned.
  5. If she says “I never want to lose you as a friend”, then my friend your friendzoned.

What I would suggest is that just tell her about your feelings, if she says no don’t worry as, if your friendship is strong enough you guys would get over it and if it isn’t it was never worth it.