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I wrote this rhyme for my sister’s play school for the junior science fair. It is an attempt to make children understand the importance of electricity and how it has made our lives easy and that we should save it or else our coming generations would crave for it. I hope you enjoy it with your little ones!

Benjamin Franklin has done a great deed,

He discovered electricity!

Without electricity our lives would be so dull!

Dull Dull Dull!

Our lives would be so dull.

How could we have turned on the lights?

Dark Dark Dark!

At night, our lives would be so dark!

How could we get cool air of the fans?

Sweat Sweat Sweat!

We would be wet in our sweat!

How would we have cleaned our laundry everyday?

Wash Wash Wash!

We would have to wash without the wash-ing machine!

How would we call our friends?

Tring Tring Tring!

There would be no phones to ring!

Where would we store our ice-cream?

Dream Dream Dream!

We all would dream of ice-cream!

How would our lives be easy?

Easy Easy easy!

We all would be so busy!

Therefore, save electricity as I say!

Save Save Save!

Or else the future would crave!


Thank You




I strongly believe the education system should change. The current system consists of many unit tests and annual examinations which only enhances the memorizing skills and not the analytical skills. According to me a chapter should be taught and the child should be given an investigatory project on it. Like currently we test the theory part of the child per chapter but this would enable us to test how much the child has understood. I am not saying that the test and examination should be ignored completely I am only saying that there should not be unit tests but projects per chapter and one annual exam. In todays world research is very important and through this method of teaching a child would start questioning, exploring and would see things through his own prospective but through the current form of teaching he is seeing the world from the scientists’ point of view and doesn’t apply his own brain. The great scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, etc. saw the world differently and gave the world so much of knowledge. This is what we need, we need the children to see the world though their own point of view as each child is different and unique!!

Thank You!